August 20 2015 12:00PM

mcdavid draft capture

You don't need a slide rule to know Connor McDavid arrives at his first NHL camp with a lot of traction and the tools to be an impact rookie. The question for Oilers fans may be 'how many rookies should be considered based on previous performance?' and NHL equivalencies suggest there are several.

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Condors Toughness

Scott Zerr
August 20 2015 10:01AM


On a Saturday night in January things could get a little heated inside Rabobank Arena and not because it’s still 80 degrees at game time.

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The Winquist Line

Jonathan Willis
August 20 2015 08:00AM

Even if Josh Winquist never plays an NHL game, he’ll have provided Oilers fans with a valuable service. A guy like Winquist enters the system having to earn absolutely everything he gets and so like others (including Mark Arcobello) before him provides a valuable point of reference for the “real” prospects.

Josh Winquist tells us who is passing and who is failing.

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WWYDW: Todd McLellan’s opening night lineup

Jonathan Willis
August 19 2015 03:00PM

Todd McLellan2

Todd McLellan obviously isn’t going to make firm decisions on his opening night lineup until he’s had a real chance at training camp to get a feel for the players in his charge. But it’s equally hard to believe that he has no idea of what he’s going to do; he’ll already have looked at the video and put quite a bit of thought into his team’s makeup.

In this week’s WWYDW, we ask: If you were McLellan, what would your full roster plan look like right now? 

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Bargain Bin Shopping: Defencemen Left on the Market

Cam Lewis
August 19 2015 01:00PM

This was a bad summer to become a free agent. The cap ceiling didn't rise as much as many teams expected, and as a result, teams were more hesitant than ever to hand out massive contracts to the players available on the free agent market. We're getting towards the end of summer and there are still a handful of solid free agents looking for employment. If these guys want to play in the NHL next season, they're probably going to have to do so at a reduced amount of cash or length of term than they originally expected heading into the offseason. At this point, you can call it bargain bin hunting because the teams hold most of the negotiation power. There aren't many teams left looking to add via free agency, so the options for these guys to sign look fairly slim, especially if they're interested in playing on a contender. 

After the jump, I'll take a look at some of the interesting free agent defencemen still available in free agency, and who might be interested in their services for the upcoming season. 

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