Eberle injured..Update: Not good

Jason Gregor
September 29 2015 08:43PM


Jordan Eberle was injured midway through the first period. Kyle Chipchura hit him, but it was not a hard or violent hit. Eberle was in an awkward position when the hit occurred, and after the contact he was favouring his right shoulder.

He left the ice and went directly to the dressing room, and will not return tonight.

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GDB -3.0: A preseason streak

Jason Gregor
September 29 2015 06:33PM


The Oilers play the Arizona Coyotes tonight looking to continue their red-hot preseason. The Oilers are 5-0, and while the results mean nothing in the standings, these wins do mean something for the psyche of this team. Winning feels good, and they haven't experienced much of it the past five seasons.

The more they win, the more they'll believe in themselves and their coach. It is another necessary step on the road back to respectability, and the Oilers will ice their most NHL-ready roster of the preseason.

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Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report - September 29, 2015

Chris the Intern
September 29 2015 04:05PM

Screenshot 2015-09-29 14.24.46

The Oilers doctors have been busy this week as there are a handful of injuries in the Oilers system. Many of those belong to Oiler prospects, and for a prospect trying to make the cut, now is the worst time to get hurt. An injury was also sustained inside the walls of Nation HQ. Read more about it below!

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September 29 2015 01:46PM


Like many other Canadians yesterday I was following the epic story of SpiderMable as she made the rounds of the internets, social media and the antiquated “tee-vee”. If ever there was a story to warm the heart as temperatures begin to dip, this was it. An already ultra proud Edmontonian, this entire operation made my heart swell with pride in the City of Champions even more.

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Cherish your father....

Jason Gregor
September 29 2015 10:00AM

Fifteen was the most difficult age for me. I still recall it being the least favourite time of my life. I chuckle about it now, but going through it was brutal. I didn’t like how I looked, which probably surprises my friends considering nowadays I never pass up an opportunity to check out my gorgeous self in a mirror.

I disliked my school picture so much I didn’t purchase my grade ten year book. The photo was awful. My hair was feathered in the front, touched my shoulders in the back, but it wasn’t curly, instead I had “wings” that flared out to the side. I was gangly and had a bit of acne on both sides of my face. I was the posterchild for awkward teenager.

Thankfully it was only a short phase in my life. As I sat down to write this annual letter my mind flooded with memories of life as a fifteen year old. It is eerie how the mind will connect events with numbers.

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