Don't Do It, Jeff

Matt Henderson
December 11 2014 04:00PM

Jeff Petry would be a fool to re-sign with the Edmonton Oilers.

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Davidson: A positive story in a gloomy season

Jason Gregor
December 11 2014 01:50PM

In an Oilers' season ripe with disappointment, frustration and losing, it was refreshing to see Brandon Davidson make his NHL debut last night.

It was only 25 months ago that he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, so his journey to the NHL has been far from normal, but last night must have been extra satisfying for the 23 year old.

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The Edmonton Oilers and their defence pairings

Jonathan Willis
December 11 2014 12:47PM


The Oilers are in a not-very-funny place at the moment. The season is a loss once again, as every season since 2005-06 has been. The head coach likely has twin mandates at this point: first, to do everything he can to get the current roster to show some signs of life and, second, to develop players for next season.

On defence, those two mandates are actually surprisingly compatible.

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The Schultz Conundrum

December 11 2014 09:35AM

Through various ways and means JSBM were able to secure EXCLUSIVE footage from inside the Edmonton Oilers war room. 

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December 11 2014 07:30AM

Jack Eichel is one of the most famous hockey players outside the NHL, but there's a bunch of things we don't know about him. He is 77 days older than Connor McDavid, he's from North Chelmsford, Mass. and he's 6.02, 195. The biggest unknown? How good is Jack Eichel?

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