Two out of two shirtless Oil fans agree: Oilers beat the Canucks 5-4 in a shootout!

Take that Lotus land. The Mighty Oil will spot you a two goal lead. And blow it. Twice. And you can buy off the refs—that won’t matter. Tonight, the breaks belonged to the Oil for once.



In an entertaining hockey game, the Oilers were able to pull out two points and move ahead of Phoenix for last place in the Western Conference. Look out Los Angeles Kings: Anze Kopitar won’t keep you tied with the surging Oil forever!


First Star: Shawn Horcoff

With Horcoff making assists like he did on the tying 4-4 goal, and scoring the winner in overtime, it seems that he is stepping up over Hemsky and declaring himself the leader of this team. He ain’t doing it with flash, and it’s often easy to overlook him, but on nights like last night, he looks awfully good. Gilbert looked pretty decent too, with a sweet goal and some powerplay and PK time.

First Worst-Star: Dennis Grebeshkov

Number 37 continued with his Grebeshkovian ways, and coughed up a five-alarm breakaway, which Burrows converted. Could he be the new Boris Mironov, but without any visible upside?

Random game note

The Sedin twins must be to 20-something girls what the Olsen twins are to 12-year-old girls. When did it become “cool” with the 20-something Lulu Lemon set to cheer for the Canucks? There must have been a thousand of them roaming Rexall tonight in their “hoodies,” with their “ugg boots” and their so-what-if-I-have-English-tomorrow-morning?-My-prof-is-from-BC- and-is-at-the-game-too attitudes.