Gone but not forgotten


There’s been very little attention to the return of Ryan Smyth, other than this article from the Edmonton Journal.

The OilersNation wanted to make sure that the mullet man’s return didn’t go unnoticed. Smyth coming back again to town is like seeing an ex-girlfriend for the second time after you’ve broken up. She’s still looking good (6 goals, 7 assists for 13 points in 20 games) and you can’t quite believe it’s over. You aren’t quite as upset as the first time you saw her out on the town, but it still hurts.

As the people who brought you bring94home.com last year, we’re proud represent the thousands of fans that Ryan has still in town. We never should have been traded Smytty, and the team and the city will never be the same without him.

Smytty, you’re one of the greatest Oilers ever, and we will never rip you on the OilersNation site.