Avs bury Oilers, Phantom Hemsky goal makes appearance


Too bad that the Oil didn’t pull it out last night. We would love to say more about the game, but unfortunately we spent our time watching Calgary play Chicago on Sportsnet, while listening to Rod Phillips’ play-by-play.

It was weird to have the two on at the same time while we played poker in my buddies garage. Everytime the Oilers scored we would look to the TV, only to be shocked to see nothing happening on screen that matched old “Uncle Rod’s” calling of the game. It’s been years since we listened to a game on CHED, and it sounds to us like Phillips still has “it,” entertaining hundreds of truckers with play-by-play action as they drive in sweet, sweet oranges from Florida.

We also committed the cardinal sin later in the night of mistaking a replay for the live action. “Hemsky scoooooooooooores!” Phillips screamed. “YES!” We stood and pumped our fists wildly, much to the delight of the other drunken poker mates who declared “that it was only a replay.”


After the game was over our buddy Mr-I-went-to-the-game-suckers arrived, rubbing our noses in his tales, as we basked in his hockey beer glow. He also laid his ticket out on the table as if to prove that, indeed, he’d been to the game, while us peons sat and listened to it on the radio like common CB operators. Please note his ticket above, which we stuck to our fridge as proof that we are all as glorious as our game attending friend.

Much like the Oilers game, poker was a loss too.

0-2 on the night.