A win and a Steele


Our near-accurate shutout prediction didn’t quite ring true. But a notch in the “W” column is something to be proud of, lambs. We got to watch old Oilers Peca and Chimera become frustrated that they couldn’t put anything past Roloson. Well, one powerplay goal snuck past, but nothing to worry about. There was a scare in the first, when Nash took on Rolly in a penalty shot. But nothing to fear. The weather is lovely in the Nation!

Rexall was packed last night, and the energy was palpable. None of these fans were going to accept anything less than a win. No shootouts, no crappy penalities: just solid Oilers hockey. Can it be the tables are turning? Is the team finding its confidence?

We bumped into the very lovely Lynda Steele last night at the game. She was with a few of her friends promoting her new book Laptop Diaries, a compilation of Edmonton Journal columns from over the years. We managed to snag a few signed copies from her, and will be giving them away as prizes in the coming weeks, so stay tuned: you can get some authentic Edmontoniana just in time for Christmas!

Meantime, maybe we’ll see Pisani back in the lineup in a few weeks.