T’was 27 nights before Christmas…


It’s cold outside. And it gets us to thinking about Christmas in the OilersNation. It’s only 27 days away, and for now we’d like an early present from old St. Nick.

Bring us our third win in a row tonight Santa, and see if you can reverse the Ryan Smyth trade while you are it it. It’s the Mighty Oil (10-13-1) vs the Craptastic Avs (12-9-1) tonight at 7:30pm. The Oil haven’t beaten the Avs in their past three games, and are looking to extend their winning streak to a season-high (sigh) three games.

We think after that Columbus game, things may be starting to turn for the Mighty Oil. Despite being wildly outshot and taking too many penalties down the stretch they were able to pull out a victory. Can three in a row be too much to ask?

Not for 27-days-early-Santa it ain’t.