Eyes of the tiger


OilersNation, AB—Many attribute Raffi Torres’ success on the look of determination in his eye. Most others can’t really put their finger on that strange stare.

Former coaches, his family members and current teammates were asked to comment on his distinctive look.

“Oh, all the boys and I like to call him crazy eyes, but no one would ever call him that to his face,” a teammate who asked to remain nameless said.

Torres’ former peewee coach Marvin “The Marv” Douchet weighed in as well.

“When it came to Raffi, I treated him like a wild Grizzly Bear. I made a consistent effort not to look him directly in the eye. I’d even play dead sometimes,” Douchet said. “I still see him in my dreams sometimes and wake up in a cold sweat.”

Torres’ Peruvian mother stares wears a similar, face-burning stare as she discusses her son.

“When he was growing up Raffi always had a kind inviting look in his eye. I attribute all of his success to that special sparkle I see in his eyes.”

If anyone encounters Torres in public, they are advised to avoid eye contact, back away slowly, and speak to him in a calm voice.