An open Letter to Scott Cullen at TSN

For weeks now the Oilers Blogosphere has been noting that the TSN power rankings this year are, frankly, screwed. But will the OilersNation take this injustice lying down? NO WAY! We are taking our beef to the streets, and we have fired the first volley at Sean Cullen, writer of the TSN PowerPoll.



Sent: 12/04/2007

Hello Scott!

Greetings from the OilersNation. We are big “fans” of the thoroughly-researched and statistically-relevant TSN “powerpoll” and thought we would take the “time” to “write” you on behalf of Oilers fans from coast to coast and give you our two “cents.” A few things you may want to note for next weeks calculations:

It’s awesome that the Oilers are trailing Phoenix and LA in the powerpoll ranking, despite the fact that the Oil lead them all in wins, points and have a better record in the past ten games (and despite the fact that Craig MacTavish can bite through a one-inch-thick steel cable… WITH HIS MIND. That’s got to count for at least one bump up the rankings).

It’s also inspiring that you note that the Oilers are suffering from player injuries. Or merely one injury, as the poll suggests. It would be nice if you included the fact that the team captain has missed the ENTIRE season with an injury, and include him in your “key injuries” section. Nevermind including the also-injured Matt Greene, who is a top four Oilers defenceman.

I guess you’re too busy covering the upstart Maple Leafs and posting gems like this to do any research into the other Canadian teams:

“As some of you know, I’m participating in a head-to-head fantasy hoops league with a number of journalists, among others, from the Toronto area. This week was the time to lock horns with TSN’s own Tim Chisholm.”

Anyhoo, just wanted to congratulate TSN on their continued insightful Oilers coverage.


The OilersNation