Office Guy agrees: Oilers may be turning the corner


One can always judge how the Oilers are doing by the mood around the office. There’s always that one guy (or girl) functions as an Oilernometer. If the team is struggling, he’s calling for MacT’s head on a platter. He questions each and every trade, and calls out each player. When things are going well, he’s solidly in MacT’s corner: “He did take us to game seven, after all,” and believes K-Lowe has a master plan that may not be revealed to us “but with all these kids, we are on the right track. They’ll be OK.”

Yes, like a wise Yoda he nods when you make your case that things can’t be as bad as he thinks. He doesn’t know any stats, and only watches the third period of games “if they are winning,” but he’s generally a good indicator of how the team is doing.

We just went and asked office guy what he thought of the game last night. He is in limbo mode, Nation. He can’t call out a team that has won “three in a row and seven of its last ten.” He won’t go so far as to get back on the wagon, but you can see he is thinking about it.

We love you, office guy.