The Oil sneak another one past McGeough wannabes


Is it just me, or does there seem to be a number of McGeough protégés reffing around the league waiting to try and steal a game away from the hard working Oilers?

Zack Stortini, who has been making a fairly decent impact on the ice as of late, was clearly robbed of his very legitimate, first NHL goal last night, because the ref was too ignorant to listen.

Stortini has actually been playing pretty good hockey as of late, instead of concerning himself with getting involved in some very aggressive hugging matches. This new found-play would have paid off last night if it weren’t for another terrible call that almost lost us the game.

If it weren’t for the outstanding play of Garon and another unbelievable performance by Gagner in the shootout, the tired Oil would have had one stolen away by a ref on a power trip.

It’s nice to see the Oilers catch a break from time to time to get on a roll, so that each day a few more jumpers can get back on the wagon. Welcome back—even though I don’t agree with your dedication as a fan, I know that the boys and the city love the support.