The OilersNation-patented 4-wins-in-a-row gun is locked and loaded


It’s gameday, lambs. That is, if the media can stop falling all over themselves to tell Sidney Crosby how great he is long enough to start the game. Is it just us, or has the Crosby-love-a-thon taken on a whole new meaning here in eTown? The Sun is reporting 18 TV cameras were on hand just to see Sid talk at the Westin. Eighteen cameras to watch him talk? You’d have thought that Gretzky was was appearing at a Charity Fun Run the way the reporters were lined up ten deep.

When we woke this morning to see a page size picture of #87 on the front of the Journal sports, we almost spit our morning Gin and Tonic across the room. WTF? Show me a picture of Mattieu Roy in the trainers room, or a picture of Cogliano at a nightclub on an off day.

Well what-ev-er! The suddenly “Red Hot” Mighty Oil (13-14-1) play the Baby Pens (12-12-2) featured above. Laraque is also home briefly, as is good-looking Petr Sykora.

If the Oil win tonight (which they will) they will pull to the magical .500 mark. If that happens, watch the Office Guys of the world start piling back on to the bandwagon. Plenty room for you here, Office Guy. You can sit next to our fist, which will be meeting your face as punishment for abandoning the greatest team on Earth.

Prediction: Oil 87 Pens 1 (we will allow for a goal by Big Georges, just to see him jump into the corner one more time)

Predictions this season 6-3
Correctly predicting the score 0-9