Pens Win! Crosby with 3 points! Canadian Media swoons! Terry Jones faints!


Well it would seem that baby penguins CAN defend themselves after all. We must admit, the OilersNation was feeling pretty good heading into the third period of the game last night, as was most of the City of Edmonton. One of our fellow citizens of the Nation headed off to the little Oilers room (if you get our drift) and missed the 2-1 and the 2-2 goal. He considers the game a tie because he missed those goals. We find that of little comfort today.

It would seem that the Pens have a different gear than the Mighty Oil. The Sid-Crosby-takes-over-and-we-score-100-goals-in-a-30-second-span gear. Does anyone know a mechanic that can install that gear on the Good Ship Oil?