Are the St Louis Blues for real this year?


We almost choked over our triple Rye and Coke this morning when we opened up the Journal to read about the game against the Blues tonight. Can it be that the Blues are really (15-9-1) Can it be that they have rejuvenated the careers of Keith Tkachuk and Paul Kariya? Since when is Manny Legace good again? What year is this? Who is Prime Minister? Have we fallen into some sort of worm hole that has altered the space time continuum and shot us back into the past?

But don’t ask us. Ask Blues Superfan, 1984 Ozzy Osbourne!

OilersNation: Ozzy! Why are the Blues 10-3 at home, but a dismal 5-6 on the road?

Ozzy: Bleaaaaaaarggh. What you have to know is that a man like me can uh.. um

(awkward silence)

OilersNation: Ok… Can you please explain the revival of Paul Kariya and Keith Tkachuk?

Ozzy: I think that what you have to know is that when a man and a woman blaaaaaaaaaaerg SHARON!

OilersNation: Right… And Manny Legace’s 11-6 record. You would attribute that to…

Ozzy: It’s his legacy, man.

OilersNation: Wait just a minute… You don’t know anything about hockey! You’re just a rockstar who was arrested in a Blues Shirt he found on the road outside his hotel.

Ozzy: Now you’re talkin mate! Can you get me out of this cell?

Prediction: Oilers 4 Blues 2.

Record: 6-4