Who remembers the 1996-97 playoffs?


You remember, don’t you? Edmonton vs. Dallas in the first round. A constant back-and-forth struggle to win the series. Finally, in game seven, an overtime goal by Todd Marchant, and a huge upset win for the Oilers! The kind-of glory days…

Well, it’s not a Cup final. And we don’t have to worry about facing the Avs in the next round, and subsequently losing to them. But we do have the Stars to contend with tonight. And two games of horrible third periods. And a piss-poor record of playing the Stars, as the CBC points out:

“[…] the Oilers have stumbled against the Stars since the 1998-99 NHL season. Since then, Dallas sports a 22-6-3 record with one tie against Edmonton, including an 11-game run from 1999-2004 when it won 10 games against the Oilers.”

But! We’ve also upset the Stars, as I said. Let’s hope for another one of those tonight. Go Oil!

And keep it up, Horcoff!

  • Jason

    I remember it well… I think I was at game five. And my chest was painted with an "O". And I totally didn't get laid. It was an injustice.

    But we won game five. So, in a sense, everyone got laid that night. I think.