A Tale of Two Nations


In the thrill-a-minute world of celebrity sports endorsements, one must look no further than the two superfans who can’t wait for tonight’s Oilers-Wings game. Compare, if you dare, the WingsNation with mighty OilersNation whose teams are set to square off at 5:30 MST in Detroit.

In the Wings jersey: Dave Coulier. Star of such “hit” TV shows as Full House and America’s Funniest People. Best known for his comedy antics, and amusing us endlessly with his high-pitched puppet voices.

In the Oilers jersey: a survivor of nine bullets to the ol’ body box, multi-multi millionaire Rap Superstar Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Best known for his gangster antics, and amusing us endlessly with the occasional burst of gunfire.

If you were a hockey team looking for inspiration from your legions of celebrity sports fans, who would you look to? Dave “Uncle Joey” Coulier, or 50 Freakin’ Cent?

Now we aren’t saying that 50 Cent would kick Dave Coulier from here to the moon, but… um, oh wait. We are.

Prediction: Oilers 4 Wings 3

Scorcoff: 15 goals