Second offer made on the Edmonton Oilers


Ok, Daryl Katz,

You think you are the only big shot around town?

You think that you are the only guy who has a spare $188 million to buy the Oil and $100 million more for an arena? We’ll have you know that things are pretty kick ass over here at the Nation, too. Why just the other day, the good folks over at Hudsons paid us in week-old chicken wings. You know what that goes for on the open market?


So take this Mr Big Shot. We, the glorious folk at OilersNation, on behalf of Oilers Fans everywhere, are going to outbid you for the team. That’s right, ownership is coming where it belongs: to the fans. We’ve even upped the bid significantly, just to show you who really runs the show around here.

So here you go, Mr Nichols. Our certified cheque* for the amount of TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. That’s right, $200,000,000.

Cold. Hard. Cash.

Now who runs this city? We do! Now who owns Rexall? Well, probably still Katz, but you get the idea.