Friends don’t let friends cheer for the Canucks


Poor, poor Don Cherry. Look at him in this picture. Ridiculous Canucks hat, Ron Maclean delighting in his misfortune. This, lambs, is why friends don’t let friends cheer for the Canucks. We know, that there are thousands of twenty-something girls that love the Canucks, and their long-haired ‘tender. But those same girls like Ugg boots. You aren’t going to be seen in furry boots are you, fellas? We thought not…

With Luongo out, and Daniel Sedin colder than Kevin Federline’s debut album Playing with Fire, the Canucks are ripe for the picking. Get your picking boots on, Scorcoff. Get ready for another goal, Nando. Get ready to extend your point scoring streak to nine games Robert “Where the hell did I come from?” Nilsson.

One win away from being .500!

Predicted score (and let’s remember that we NAILED the Wings prediction, correctly predicting the Mighty Oil would beat the Wings, and by the correct score of 4-3):

Oilers 5 Canucks 3