Good to have him back


Perhaps it’s been said too much, or perhaps its the 40 of Crown Royal we drank over meetings this morning… But we just can’t help but get a little bit of a glow when we think about Fernando Pisani’s glorious return to the NHL.

Consider that this guy went through what amounts to a living hell, and was facing retirement. Instead of calling it a career, he’s come back, scored twice and has a shootout winner on the books.

Let #34 stand as an example to underperforming players around the league and on the Oilers (*cough* Torres): whatever you think your obstacles are, or whatever you need to overcome, think of ‘Nando. He’s worked his way into being a hell of a two-way player, then went on the run in the playoffs, then almost lost it all.

But does ‘Nando turtle? No! He wills himself back into the lineup, doing 5,000 pushups a day* and pots himself a pair of goals and an assist in his first eight games back.

Welcome back, Fernando.

*We’ve made an assumption here. It’s probably much higher than that.