If we were a fetus, we’d have gills!


Today marks the first monthiversary of Oilersnation.com! During that time, the Oilers have managed to turn their ship around and are sailing towards the calm seas of a playoff berth.

We managed to piss off a TSN analyst, made an (as yet unnaccepted) bid on the Oilers Franchise and have amassed a small body count in the process. Judging from our traffic, someone somewhere has written a program to hit our site hourly. That or people are actually reading us.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, Nation, for your support. We’re getting hits from all over Canada and some from the Southern US. We’re also lucky enough to have a reader in Sweden of all places. And Salmon Arm, BC. The Nation is big in Salmon Arm, baby. Hasselhoff-in-Germany big.

We have some exciting things coming down the pipe for the site, and a belief that even more exciting things will be coming our way from the Mighty Oil. So stay tuned!


The OilersNation Team
“Now 99.3% body lice free”