Toll? Stoll. Stoll? Toll.


In the world of evil twins, doppelgangers, and children separated at birth, The OilersNation Research Team™ have made another reality-shattering discovery. Oilers centre Jarret Stoll has someone he should be keeping a close eye on by the name of Jarrett Toll, defenseman for the Tri-City Americans of the WHL.

Now what possible threat could Jarrett Toll pose to Jarret Stoll you ask Nation? He could do all sorts of things. Apply for a Visa card, or use Stoll’s Drivers License as a fake ID, for starters. Worse yet he could climb into bed with Rachel Hunter on a frosty night:

“Jarret is that you?” Rachel would ask.
“Yeah baby, its me. Jarrett Toll.”
“Did you stay Stoll or Toll?”
“Whatever you want me to say, honey buns.”

My blood boils for Jarret Stoll knowing Jarrett Toll is wandering around out there, using his good name to get into bars in Spokane and other Inland Northwest destinations.