See you in 2013, Devils


We were blown away by the Devils fans in Rexall last night, proudly wearing their Brodeur and Pandolfo jerseys. Why the hell would you be Devils fans and live in Edmonton? Woohoo: boring defensive hockey that you can see live every six years. Well, fight the good fight, we guess. But really. it’s like being a Washington Capitals fan.

In any event, the Devils beat the Oil. Is this a big deal? Over the course of the 82 game season, probably not. It looked to us like everyone on the ice was allowing visions of sugarplums to dance through their heads already. The the Oil have played a lot of hockey and it’s time for a rest.

Except Joni Pitkannen. Hells bells, he is one heck of a defenceman. Apparently he didn’t like Edmonton at first, but is now starting to warm to it. It reminds him of Northern Finland; didn’t we all have that in the back of our minds when we decided how to paint and landscape our houses? “How would they do this one hour north of Helsinki?” we all wonder. K-Lowe should make signing Pitkannen his number one priority. Let’s get him one of those 15-year contracts being handed out.