Do it for John Cougar


Everyone remembers John Cougar Mellencamp, right? That kind-of feisty, middle-of-the-road rock-anthem generator who sung that little diddy about Jack and Diane? Two Americans growing up somewhere in the heartland or some such…

Anyhow, what J&D were up to is of little relevance. John Cougar also had a hit called “Wild Night.” And that’s what the Oil will have tonight, sweet lambs. Here are some prophetic lyrics penned by the Cougar himself:

And everything looks so complete
when you’re skating out on your feet
And the wind catches your feet
And sends you flying, trying (to score!)
Oooh, oo-ooh wee the Wild night is calling

You see, JCM knows, as the Nation does, that a few losses doesn’t mean you give up. It means you play the good ol’ hockey game and pull out a win. And although the Wild are 3-0-1 against Edmonton this season, tonight will be a blemish on the Wild’s record.

It will be hard fought, but look for the Oil to pull out a 3-1 win. We’d say 2-1, but there’ll be an empty netter in there for sure.