Stortini = NO!


Would someone please tell Zack Stortini to settle down? Seriously. I don’t get how this kid can step onto the ice game after game and think that his repetitive, lame fights are somehow doing the Oil a service. He sucks at fighting. He’s actually more useless than Laraque. At least Big Georges had a sub-par radio show; Stortini’s a quiet, sucky “enforcer,” going out there and constantly enforcing his own suckitude.

Keep it up, Zack. I know you’re just going to end up back in the minors where you belong.

I know it’s irrelevant on a 3-2 OT win (as predicted), as we’ll take what we can get. But watching Stortini on the ice tonight, slowing down the play, was boring. Bench him, MacT, and lets get back to playing some effin’ hockey.