Well that’s just super


Pretend you’re writing out a gameplan for the game against Nashville last night. The Preds are tied with the Oil in the upper-lower basement of the Western Conference. They’re sporting a terrifying 28th-place powerplay, and are not the same team they were last year when the were “decent.”


Not too much to overthink here. Sure, it’s the second game in two nights for the Oil, but how tiring can winning one of your last seven really be? Come out skating on all those young legs, play MacT defensive hockey™ and don’t surrender an early lead. Don’t take stupid penalties, and play a simple road game.

It’s not rocket science, is it? No. Now check out the score from the game. Down 4–1 after two, including two PP goals against. Wickedly outshot in the first, and Garon left out to dry like a wet towel on a clothesline. A 5–2 whipping at the hands of the Predators.

What in the sweet merciful tap-dancing baby Jesus is going on with this team? Is anyone calling any sort of shots? Was Zach Stortini really the best Oiler with a goal and a fight?