I’ll take “People we hate for $200” please Alex


There are some people you just can’t get along with. Josef Stalin for one. I mean come on, JS. After all we did for you in WW2 you turned into such a douche! Was the Cold War really necessary? Was the moustache, for that matter?

Same with Mike Comrie. As much as we like to let our old grudges fade into the distance (well, OK, we actually like nursing them until its WAY past in the past), we can’t help but grind our teeth as the little munchkin rolls into town having a decent season with the Isle.

You know there’ll be boos aplenty when the Diminutive One and the Isle (20-17) play the “Mighty” Oil (18-21) tonight at Rexall. Should we bury the hatchet and say we just want the Oil to pull out two (non-shootout related) points tonight?


No, we want someone to make a smudge of old MC tonight. Preferably in the first period, thank you very much.

The Oil have a chance to stick it to the poor cousins of the Rangers, who left here sans win on Saturday night. That would be just fine and dandy in our books. And if Staios or whoever sees Stalin in the neutral zone with his head down, paste him once for us too.

Prediction: Oilers 3 Islanders 1