Stoll Rolls, Toll Stalls, Staal Toils


Jarret Stoll is apparently returning to form, on the heels of a two point night and five points in his last six games. His evil twin, Jarret Toll has been quiet of late, picking up no points in his last eight games. His name-twin Jordan Staal (PIT) on the other hand has been having a terrible season and is playing third-line ice time in Pittsburgh.

What does this all mean?

Why it means that the Oilers are playing Phoenix tonight!

It’s good to see Stoll roll, and if the gods be with us, there will be a third win in the cards tonight for the Oil. Phoenix is actually playing quite well, with seven wins in their last ten games, courtesy of Brian Burke waiving Bryzgalov to Phoenix in an attempt to screw the Oil and making the Coyotes passably decent. We like the Oil’s chances tonight—short of Gretz coming off the bench and scoring six goals—and all bets are off if he hits the ice.

We don’t want to jinx anything, and we can’t figure out this team right now for the life of us. So the analysis will be short and to the point, not risking attracting the attention of the evil eye.

On that note:

Oilers 47 Phoenix 0.
That’s right, a second shutout.