Gunshots rang out like a bell


I grabbed my nine all I heard was shells”
—V. Ice


We didn’t want to jinx it this weekend, but lo and behold if the OilersNation four-wins-in-a-row gun™ didn’t finally get to bust a cap all up in that ass of the Calgary Flames. In excellent fashion too, we might add. We were listening to the game on the radio when Hemsky scored, leading Morley Scott to declare “You can’t hit what you cant see, and Robyn Regehr has doo doo on his face after that goal.”

Doo doo.

We couldn’t even make this up if we tried.

For those of you who like “stats” and “good news” please note the following:

The longest winning streak since Dec 2006
Powerplay goals in six straight games—the longest streak since 2006

Ghost g-g-g-host ride for those of you looking to celebrate.