Katz raises bid for the Oilers to 4 billion nickels


It’s true what they say you know: $20 million soothes the savage beast. Or is it “$200 million in the hand beats Jim Balsillie in the bush”? Either way, it would seem that the other bid for the Oilers from EIG members has fallen though.

It would also seem that the EIG went so far as to contact Jim Balsillie to assist with a counter offer. Why go to the trouble of contacting the dude who has tried to buy the Predators and the Penguins and move them to Hamilton? Why not keep your dignity and take your massive check to the bank?

Instead, the EIG will be booted kicking and screaming into the night, like the last guy who won’t leave the bar even though the ugly lights are on, the chairs are up on the tables, and even the drunkest, sweatiest and ugliest people have paired off and gone home together.

Don’t bring some Eastern douchebag into good old our town and start throwing around his Torontonian dough. As far as we are concerned, 20 minutes east of Moose Jaw people become “From the East.” And if you’re from the East, you’re a Leafs fan. And if you’re a Leafs fan… well, then you’re so blind, so immune to logic, so insane from the gonorrhea that has spread to your brain, that you shouldn’t be allowed to operate a motor vehicle let alone buy an NHL team. Leave the Easterners in the east, with their “superhighways,” their “manufacturing plants” and their “motor oil.” This is the West Side, baby.

We got to thinking last night: “Man, that Daryl Katz is a sho-nuff pimp,” and then we got to calculatin’. Katz is throwing $200 mil to buy the team, has pledged $100 mil towards the arena, and has also pledged to build a practice facility at the University—say a paltry $30 million. That sums to a total of $330 million.

All this from a guy that is younger than Chris Chelios.