It’s time for a montage

Before you start reading this post, start the YouTube movie above for full effect. Turn up your speakers. Now you are ready to read this.

If the Oilers season was a 1980s sports movie, right about now would be time for a good time for a montage. You can picture those big doors outside the dressing room opening and the camera goes into the dressing room where the Oilers are getting ready for the game against the Stars.

Horcoff would be riding the exercise bike, next to Sheldon Souray. Both are injured but both wouldn’t miss this game for anything.

Steve Staios would be showing Smid how to move a forward to the outside using one of the dressing room walls as the boards.

Sam Gagner would be in his little hockey pants running around in circles, excitedly yelling “hockey hockey hockey hockey,” while Ethan Moreau and Dustin Penner stand nearby laughing lovingly.

CrackT and Billy Moores are in front of a whiteboard covered in diagrams surrounded by books with titles like “Powerplay Strategy” and “The Art of War.” Their shirt sleeves are rolled up, and they have discovered a critical flaw in the Stars’ defences.

It’s freakin’ game day today and there are none other than the Dallas Stars coming to town. After the terrible effort the Oilers put forth against the Sharks on Tuesday night, the season really does hang in the balance. If they lose tonight, its going to be a long shot, kids. Like a “will-Britney-snap-out-of-it-and-get-Justin-Timeberlake-back” type of a long shot.

It’s the final countdown.