Engine room: Reverse course!


Well, apparently the Oilers didn’t get the memo about doing the montage to the Final Countdown. It would seem that making the playoffs is a dream for another day; the OilersNation doesn’t deserve a post season this year.

Instead of an ’80s sports montage, we were delivered a slightly different movie. If any of you have the VHS copy of Titanic, you know that the first tape of two is a nice movie. It’s a love story, laughs are had, no one dies.

Well, that first tape is the Oilers season thus far. We’ve had some laughs, gone on a couple little streaks and it has generally been a light-hearted affair.

But as you take out the first tape of Titanic and put in the second, you know what’s coming. This movie and this season ain’t gonna have a happy ending. Everyone is in big trouble. Couples are having dinner in the restaurants, people are enjoying themselves, but deep in the bowels of the ship, the guys shovelling coal know the ship is in big trouble—the water’s pouring in on all sides.

Trading Tarnstrom is a nice gesture, but the people steering the ship know the truth:the iceburg’s dead ahead, Captain!