Roloson leaving?


We received an email yesterday from a Nation reader. They had this to say to us:

“Hey OilersNation,

i just thought i would send you an email and say that roloson lives by my house and it just got put up for sale recently. I hope he isnt getting traded but i thought you should know.

love the site! you are too funny.”

This Nation reader is right: we are too funny. And if they’re right about that, could it also be true? Is Rollie leaving Edmonton?

We’re going to do our best to unravel this mystery for our loyal Nation readers. In the meantime, if anyone has any news or other information they think Oil fans need to know, drop us a line at

  • Mike

    I cant say I blame him, Garon is clearly the man. I didnt think when he came here during the Conklin-Markannen era that he would have led the team to the Cup finals. Roloson was/is a good Oiler

  • Elizabeth

    Why would he put in for a trade? Supposedly his wife likes it here and he has 2 little boys who they'd have to up and move too. He's got a year and a half left in his contract and then he might be done, where's he gonna get to now anyways?

  • 100110

    I can see him wanting a trade simply because he isn't the starter. This guy has been second fiddle his whole career, he probably wants the no 1 job. Plus with the Oilers looking doubtful in the playoffs, he doesn't have many kicks at the cat left…