Of course the Oil won. It’s not like things are going badly… are they?


Good gravy, its getting busy on this website. More people are posting, way more people are reading. But shut up everyone, ’cause we want to talk. How’s that grab you?

First, we don’t know what team that was playing the Flames last night, but wow. Hitting, fighting, scoring, blocking shots. If they played that exact game every night, we wouldn’t be sitting around wondering what we will be watching come May.

Second, why in the hell did the Flames sign Cujo? Not only is he as old as our Grandpa, but he is equally flexible. Nothing like the reaction time of a 41-year-old, is there? The fact that Cujo has been alive for three—count ’em—three decades that little Sam Gagner has not witnessed must not have been lost on him when Gagner went roof-daddy on him and bounced another in off Hemsky.

This is the frustrating thing about this team: when they’re on, they are on. When they’re off, they are way, way off. There’s no middle ground whatsoever. Don’t tell me that CrackT is a great coach when he can’t get any consistency out of his players. CrackT has about as much say over the Oilers as Lynne Spears has over Britney.

Did anyone see how close Gilbert was to getting one punched by Goddard when he ran Garon? We were about half an inch away from being down another D, but thank heavens Goddard let up mid-punch. And big ups to Garon for deciding to punch Goddard. I love to see our starting goalie go toe-to-toe with the opposition’s fighter as much as the next guy, but save it for the rematch.

It would be a weird and wonderful world if the Oil could whip Calgary in Calgary on Saturday night. Kind of like back-to-back Full House episodes—one visual treat after another.

If you haven’t ghost rode the whip, watch the movie and enjoy the song. Its how we roll around here, you can only ghost ride after a shut out or a massive win. It might be the last time we get to ride for awhile so in the mean time g-g-g-g-host ride!

  • Adam

    It's hard to say if this is a flash in the pan for the Oil. Well, actually it isn't: all dominant logic and any real analysis would tell you that these guys are likely to fall apart against Chicago tomorrow. But the fan in me refuses to believe it.

    Maybe MacT gave a stirring speech before the game. Maybe Horcoff did. Whatever happened, it worked. Let's hope they continue with that kind of moxie in the next, oh, 30 games.