Puckbunny Showdown Round 2: Mike Comrie and Hillary Duff


Now, you can call us player haters. Hell you can give us a PhD (player hating degree), but:

  1. Mike Comrie is a short, fall-down nerd who got booed out of his hometown and traded by the Great One who reportedly called him “The Answer Man” because he had an answer for everything.
  2. Hillary Duff is hotter than David Hasselhoff in Germany.

But before we all take a look at our collective girlfriends and boyfriends and think to ourselves “If Comrie can get Duff, and Jermaine Dupri can get Janet Jackson I must be able to do better,” remember this. Comrie bought Duff a $125,000 Mercedes Benz SUV for her birthday—after they had been on only a handful of dates.

We’d say that most single 19-year-old celebrities—particularly ones who have dated Aaron Carter, for heavens sake—can be bought with something shiny that goes VROOOM. Nonetheless, she’s hot and he’s a former Oiler and they’re a couple. That is until Aaron Carter releases a new album—perhaps a sequel to Aaron’s Party—and comes back to reclaim what is rightfully his.