The Katz came back


Rexall Kingpin Daryl Katz is one more step closer to owning the Edmonton Oilers.

I think this might be what our City and team are in need of. Katz, a successful hometown boy who isn’t interested in just owning any NHL team, wants to own the Oilers—a team that has so many young, bright, potential stars that seems to be single-handedly turning this into a game of NHL Shinny with their SO wins. I digress.

Think outside the penalty box on this one (I’m talking to you Stortini). Katz owning the Oilers would benefit not only the team, but our whole City. Perhaps, that little emo kid working at my local Rexall will finally feel part of something and find a reason to smile. It’s okay, emo kid, cutting lets the sad out.

Women of this City would be much safer. For when Chris Pronger graces us with presence, he will be kept in full supply of prophylactics for the duration of his stay. Pronger? I hardly knew her.

Let’s face it; our boys are fragile little flowers. I can’t recall the last time we’ve had such a bad stroke of luck in the injury department. They could have access to the finest in medical supplies. Ethan “Mr. Glass” Moreau would have his choice of slings, Tensor® bandages and any anti-inflammatory his heart desires. MacT out of Brylcreem? Not anymore, baby!

Think about all the great puns our local papers will come up with once this deal is done. The first time we face Phoenix; “Raining Katz and Dogs,” perhaps. Predictable journalism at its best.