Eating an elephant


Oilers golden boy, Shawn Horcoff, underwent shoulder surgery yesterday. And in order to speed up his recovery, it seems like the Team That Everyone Thinks Will Roll Over And Die™ won’t.

We handed the Flames their collective behinds on Monday, we toyed with Chicago like a cat with an almost-dead mouse yesterday, and on Saturday we need to take this kind of play back to the Saddledome and show Calgary how it’s done again: no cowboy hats, no yeehaws, no toothless make-out sessions with your cousins—just another 5–0 game from your friendly neighbourhood Oilers.

We aren’t sure what’s helping the Oil to win these games. Is it the coaching? Is it the pre-game bear hugs from Zack Stortini? Is it the sudden influx of Hockexicillin from our new, benevolent owner? Whatever it is, we’d like to order a steaming bowl of More.

Is it statistically possible for the Oil to make the playoffs? We suck at math, so yes. But as one of our Nation readers pointed out to us last night, it’s a task not unlike eating an elephant. And just how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, lambs.

One bite at a time.