Puckbunny Showdown Round 6: Mark Messier and Madonna


This was a couple that existed for a short time only, shortly after Messier was traded to the Big Apple by the Oilers. We know that this couple is real though because 1) Messier is THE MAN and 2) Madonna “goes.”

In the absence of knowing much about this couple, other than the fact that they existed at one point, allow us to compare their albums released prior to 1990.

Mark Messier Discography

Madonna Discography

  • Justify My Love 1990
  • Like A Prayer 1989
  • The Early Years 1989
  • Who’s That Girl 1987
  • You Can Dance 1987
  • License to Kill 1987
  • True Blue 1986
  • Like A Virgin 1984
  • Madonna 1983
  • Eskimo 1979

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