Five sures and a Heath Ledger joke


Sure, the Oilers lost 4–1 to the Flames on Saturday. Sure, 50 Cent has faced more shots on the mean streets of NY than Kipprusoff saw during the game. Sure, Stortini got beat up as usual, but Smid and Penner both fought, for heaven’s sake. And sure, there’s a better chance that Heath Ledger will star in Knights Tale 2 than the Oilers making the playoffs.

But at least they aren’t taking it lying down. What got us excited was the way the Oil finally started to display some of this team toughness that MacT has been alluding to all season. There is a big difference between a team that’s going to lose over 300 games to injury this year, and a team that just sucks. We, for one, are more than willing to sit through the drive stretch if the Oil are willing to take swings at everyone on the opposing team including the stick boy.

Derek Boogaard must be shaking in his size-15 skates in anticipation of Tuesday’s game. For if five separate Oilers decide to gang beat him simultaneously, AND none of his teammates realize what is going on and fail to come to his defence, AND referees are busy debating adding three seconds to the scoreclock with the timekeeper, then the BoogeyMan will take the beating of a lifetime tomorrow night at 7:12 MST on Sportsnet West.

That’s for sure.