To make reading about a loss fun, try playing the video while you read this! FUN!

“We take – two steps forward
We take two steps back
We come together cause opposites attract
And you know
It ain’t fiction – just a natural fact
We come together cause
a-ttract” – Paula Abdul

Come back from a 3-1 deficit
Two steps forward
Lose on a shorthanded with 1:30 left in the game
Two steps back
Score three goals in less than four minutes to take the lead
Two steps forward
Lose anyway
Two steps back

Sweet merciful gods of hockey, what a lame game. We were so pumped to see the Oil take the lead. We were so pumped to see S.Gag get another two points and pump his tiny fists with glee. We were so pumped that the game started early and we didn’t realize it, but tuned into see all the Oilers goals when we started watching in the second period. We were so NOT pumped to watch Dumont score a shorthanded goal at the 18:30 mark.

If Montreal can erase a 5-0 third period deficit to beat the Rangers, why in the sweet name of assistant coach Billy Moores can’t the Oil hang on to a one-goal lead? Why can’t they hold on for a shoot-out at the very least? We thought the Oil were the kings of the shoot-out! When was the last time they were even IN a shoot out?

Yeah “Special-K” Lowe we can totally see what’s to like on this team, and why making a “hockey trade” is out of the question with this band of hotshots.

Damn you dancing, rapping cartoon cat in the “Opposites Attract” video! Damn you to hell!