Another sign of the apocalypse: Mike Comrie on Perez Hilton


He ain’t leading our hook up poll—Gary Coleman and the Moose seem to have that locked down—but old Uncle Mike sure did make Perez Hilton the other day. Let’s have a look, shall we?


She’s back!

Hilary Duff has returned from her international tour and reunited with her main man.

The pop star and the hockey player are still together and went out on a little date in NYC on Monday night. Duff and Canadian boy toy Mike Comrie had a romantical meal at the Waverly Inn.

Despite the time apart and the distances between them, they’re making it work!

Now before you say to yourself “That deal Comrie swung with his dark lord Satan sure seems to be paying off,” we’ve gone to the trouble of combing the comments on the story to see what Perez readers think about our “favorite son.” Here are some of our favorites:

#13 – noemi says – reply to this
not the cutest guy

#18 – Jou says – reply to this
Nice man boobs and gut

#38 – I-hate-horsefaces says – reply to this

Why does everyone say that she is pretty? Are you all BLIND? She has a horse face! Ugh.
They make a perfect couple because he is an ugly loser, as well. If you don’t know anything about him, look him up…he is a greedy moron who gets traded from team to team because he sucks. B-list NHLer and B-list actress….BLEH!

#41 – superhead says – reply to this

whose the guy with the cheap sneakers and the 5 head?

#42 – john dixon says – reply to this

Haha…look at that guy’s outfit…what a total loser. And what’s up with his frankenstein forehead? If she (edited) this loser, then she must have real low self-esteem.

#58 – Mich says – reply to this
He looks like Mr. Potato and the outfit is so uncool.

#66 – Cadence says – reply to this

Mike Comrie is a douchebag!!!!!

#84 – Edmonton says – reply to this

Comrie’s a tool….. Hey Comrie whats it like to have your entire home city hate you?? Hilarious.
I thought i was the only one who thought Comrie was the fugliest guy ever with his big potato head, him and Rumor should get together they can be Mr and Mrs Potato Head. Hilary Duff is crazy for being with such a sleaze ball.

We’ve edited out some of the meaner ones too, Nation. It seems that certain rumors about Comrie leaving Edmonton are well known all over North America. There were cheap shots aplenty that were too sassy for even us to print.

Classic. It does our soul good to see him get ripped so nicely by average folk. (Eyes tearing) Yup, there is still decency in the world. Sniff sniff.