Living in a dream world


 So, Kevin Prendergast is quoted yesterday as saying about our beloved 14th place Oilers that “We don’t see a whole lot of holes—outside of youth. But we’ll get better. We’ll win.”

Prendergast goes on to say that “teams aren’t going to offer us good players for bad players (at the trade deadline). They want our better players and, at this point, I don’t see anything out there that’s going to change the make-up of the team.”

So let’s just recap what Prendergast is saying:

  1. A 14th place team that has not made the playoffs this year or last year has no visible holes.
  2. The concept of a “package deal” whereby three or four lesser-caliber or prospect-level players are traded as a package for one star player is a foreign concept to our VP of Hockey Operations.

There’s nothing that makes us more disappointed than not getting to see a playoff run by the Oil. There’s nothing that makes us ANGRIER than when the Powers That Be sit in the stands, flush with our money lining their pockets and say “THIS team? Oh it’s great. No holes here. Uh-uh.”

WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU SO HAPPY WITH, OILERS BRASS? How DARE you tell us—the people who pay ALL of the bills—that this team is sufficient?? Every single team but the defending Cup Champions have holes that need to be filled. Who in the hell do you think you are not having holes? You’re in 14th place for, gods sake!!!! 14th!!!! If you were in 8th place you should be looking to fill holes to increase your chances of making it to the second round!

But not the Oilers. Oh no, we’ll sit here in 14th, not buyers, not sellers at the trade deadline with the 5th largest payroll in the league. We’ll sit here with our sellout streak at over 110 games, and the regime that has brought us three second round playoff appearances in the past 16 odd years can sit there fat and smug with their long-term contracts while the good citizens of the OilersNation are expected to pony up more dough for next year’s tickets.

We’re so close to saying “screw you, Oilers brass” it ain’t even funny. But we’ll reserve judgment. Perhaps they’re playing Jedi mind tricks in the media to trick Don Waddell out of Marian Hossa.

“No holes here, Don. Things are great in Oil Country. No, wait don’t check the stats page!”

(sounds of fighting)

  • Jason

    Holy shit, talk about turning a blind eye to what's happening on the ice. No chance at a playoff spot, but hey, things are going just GREAT.

    Even with this crop of guys, we won't field a Cup-worth team in 2008/09. We need a ringer or two. Someone to rally these young guys.

  • 10110110

    If Kevin Prendergast had been the Captain of the Titanic, he would have said that "they hit an iceburg aways back, but they have plenty of wine and lifejackets somewhere on board"

    get with the program moron!