Columbus takes out the trash: Fedorov traded to the Capitals, Foote goes back to the AVs


The Caps seem to have an unquenchable thirst for overrated Euros long past their prime. The people who saw Jaromir Jagr as a good long-term contract play have now brought in Sergei “Doesn’t anyone remember me?” Fedorov. Shown above in his 2001 mug shot after getting a DUI, there’s no doubt that Fedorov is who you want mentoring Alexander Ovechkin. We can see the two sitting down now after a practice:

Fedorov: “Tell me Alex. Why are you trying so hard? You have one of the longest contracts in NHL history.”
Ovechkin: “Da, da but um, er….”
Fedorov: “Trying so hard cannot get you more money. They’ll pay you either way. Take it from me, I’m 38 years old and I have never felt better. Why? ‘Cause I haven’t put in an honest shift in over 8 years.”

This is the kind of mentorship that they will gladly pay $5 million a year for in Washington.

The Avalanche are having a reunion it would seem—bringing back Adam Foote and resigning Petr Forsberg away from a Swedish Hospital Intramural team where he has been playing while recouperating from his 1,209th surgery on his ankley-m’bone. The Avs sit in 9th, and now they are… well more expensive and probably still sitting in 9th.

Still nothing from the Mightiest Team in the league…