This is how you say WTF in American sign language


We thought we would put it in terms that an apparently deaf organization might have an outside chance of understanding. Because seriously, we have no idea what sort of explanation you could come up with that the Oilers didn’t make a single deal today, other than the fact they have gone deaf.

Maybe they didn’t hear the sirens and foghorns that went off after all the goals against the Oilers this season.

Maybe they didn’t hear the cries from the OilersNation, who are most likely going to see a ticket price increase again next year, by the way.

Maybe they didn’t hear the phone ringing or couldn’t hear the offers for their players from other GMs—who seemed to be able to operate the phones and pull the trigger on trades.

There are two months left in the season, Kevin Lowe and company. We have a feeling you might hear the odd boo during that time.

Seriously? Trading Tarnstrom for Curtis Glencross is all K-Lowe could do to improve this hockey club all season long? We guess Prendergast must be right when he said that there “were no holes on this team.”