Trade deadline 2008 is officially boring as hell (so far)


We watched TSN over breakfast this morning. It looks like they have 37 people working, and sadly not a trade—we don’t count Bryce Salvador amongst NHL players, so don’t consider him being traded to Jersey significant. That’s the only bone that the GMs have thrown the sports world this morning though, so they’ve been treating it as a blockbuster deal and are discussing its impact from all sides.

As for the only team that matters in the NHL: you can remove Dan Boyle and Vaclav Prospal off of the list of players that will be wearing the copper and blue any time soon. The Lightning signed Boyle to a $40 million, six-year contract. One must assume that this virtually guarantees that the Lighting are trading Brad Richards—one of the big three players currently lacing them up for the Bolts. TSN is reporting that Richards has given team management a list of three teams that he would waive his no trade clause to be traded to. It is believed that the Canucks, Stars and Blue Jackets are the main teams in the hunt. The Bolts traded Prospal to the Flyers in exchange for Alex Picard and two draft picks. Strike two off the list, Nation…
And apparently Roloson doesn’t want out of town, and apparently the story that his kids were moved out of town because they were being teased is totally false. Right, because “No I don’t want to be traded” sounds an awful lot like “Kids at school can be particularly mean, and when my kids come home crying its time to do something.”

Rest assured that we are on top of the deadline, lambs, and will report anything, ANYTHING of interest to the Nation, even if we have to make it up ourselves.