One NHL record set, one stopped a game shy, and a win!


One would think with a headline like that, you could make a real attempt at tricking yourself into thinking the season was going well. Sometimes you have to make your own fun in a tough stretch, though, Nation. In an otherwise dark day, the mightiest team in all of the NHL gave us something to cheer about.

There is a big difference between the 2007-2008 injury-riddled Oilers squad that won’t make the playoffs, and the 2006-2007 injury riddled Oilers squad that won’t make the playoffs. Heart, lambs, heart.

This team came back from a 2-0 deficit to beat the Avs the other night. Fernando “he’s my cousin” Pisani sniped a decent goal to send the game into overtime and give all of us in the OilersNation a little something to cheer about.

If you doubt how well things are going, go take a look at where they’re up to their usual top drawer reporting. “Oilers win 13th shootout!” reads the headline. “Tremendous!” we’re thinking. Too bad it matters about as much as the New Kids on the Block Reunion Tour. Both are Hangin’ Tough, though.

Interesting stat: the Wings (42-17-6) lost their their third in a row and ninth game in their last 10. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to lose 9 of 10 in February and still be 28 games over .500? What do they put in the water in the Motor City? Oh yeah, we know: HGH and motor oil.

Our boy #89 SaGa wasn’t able to pick up a point and tie the NHL record for longest points scoring streak in the NHL. We know you’re the real deal, Gagner. You don’t need to impress us with fancy records. History will judge you as 10 times the player Zhamnov is; who cares if he has the rookie points in consecutive games streak.

  • Chris

    The Oilers Are At The Cap, Had No Assets To Move At The Deadline, And Have No High Picks At The Draft. Next Year When Garon Cools, And The Kids Are Suffering From A Typical NHL Sophmore Jinx…Maybe We Can Aim For Dead Last In The NHL.

    P.S. Would Someone Give Morau A Glass Of Milk!

  • Chris

    Hey 1011011, It's Time To Get ON The Wagon If You Really Believe The Oilers Are Playoff Bound Next Year.
    Lowe Overpays Mediocre Players And Mactavish Overplays Them. Cogliano And Gagner Are Great Kids But A Little Too Small To Keep Both Of Them In Your Top Six. How Long Can We Wait For Torres To Rebound And Hemmer To Emerge? A Team With This Many Holes Shoulnd't Be This Close To The Salary Cap.

  • 1011011

    Chris –

    I cant type like you do with capital letters starting every word but if you need me to repost and do it so you can understand me, just let me know.

    How do I have to get on the bandwagon if I believe the Oilers are playoff bound? That doesn't even make any sense. Why don't you report to grade 6 tomorrow morning and ask your teacher "how do I speak proper english when I'm talking to big people?"

    O'Doyle Rules

  • Chris

    The Wagon. As In Sobering Up. Only A Delusional Drunk Can Think Big Free Agent Help Is On Tap For Next Season. We Are Commited to 50Mil+ With the Losing Lineup We Have. The Kid's Have Probably Overcontributed Already And Will Cool. We Will Still Have Injuries. If Not For Shootout Magic This Season This Would Be The Worst Oiler Season Ever. We Don't Have Cap Room, Picks, Or Up And Comers From The Farm. We Live Under a Blanket Of Oiler Propaganda And It Is Time For Change. I Love This Franchise But It Is Going Downhill.

  • OilersNation

    Chris vs 1011011 Fact Check:

    1. The Oilers have $37,027,400 committed against a salary cap that is expected to be $54 million and only $26,525,000 for 09-10. ITs widely expected that the Oilers will buy out Roloson in the offseason which will leave them at a little over 34 million with 9 free agents – 6 RFAs and 3 UFAs

    2. Getting on the wagon does refer to sobering up

    3. Saying O'Doyle Rules is lame

    4. The capital letter thing is confusing, but fair game.