The curse of the Ryan Smyth trade works both ways


We were watching TSN SportsCentre in our underwear last night when we happened upon the Kings-Avs highlights. Jack Johnson (the player not the singer) absolutely crushed our boy Smytty into the boards from behind. Forgetting for a moment what a nerd Jack Johnson (the player not the singer) and the other Jack Johnson (the singer not the player) are, one has to feel bad for Smyth.

Smyth was hit from behind and knocked unconscious near the Avs bench, and had to be helped off the ice. This only a few short weeks after he returned from breaking his ankle. The Mulletian One has 33 points in only 45 games this season, and is expected to miss at least a couple of weeks of action.

For a guy who once compared being injured to “being on an island,” this can’t be an easy season. He’s on pace to play the fewest games of a season in his career, the Avs are tied for 8th place and he has to wear Burgundy.

Smytty hates burgundy.

We miss you #94. Get well soon.