Gagner wins rookie of the month


13 points in twelve games in February;
Youngest player in the NHL at a mere seven years old;
Rookie of the Month.

Yes, Sam Gagner, you may turn into the player we all imagined Mike Comrie would become when he was drafted by the Mighty Oil: smallish, quick, strong on the puck, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. You may turn into something even better, like uh, Gretzky? Well maybe not Wayne Gretzky, but certainly better than Brent Gretzky. WAY better than Brent. Yes, history will judge you somewhere between Brent and Wayne Gretzky.

But we can tell you this, we like you WAY better than that other wankster that used to wear #89. And we bet by the end of next year you will have more career points as an Oiler than he did.

Well done, playboy. You wear that shiny suit and go over to The Ranch. We bet some ladies have a Rookie of the Month present for you.