Goals, Gilbert’s got goals… in different area codes

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So Tom Gilbert scores his 10th goal against the Predators and has broken a team record held by Paul Coffey and Marc Andre Bergeron. Now firstly, Bergeron should get down on his knees and thank the Gods of Little French Defencemen that he’s even mentioned in the same sentence as Paul Coffey. Bergeron is to Paul Coffey as Preston Manning is to Peyton Manning. There might be something similar about them, but they’re playing very different games.

But where will history judge Tom Gilbert as an Oilers D-man? Best believe that he’ll be judged better than ol’ Marc Andre. We saw Bergeron once in a bar, explaining to a girl that he wasn’t Marc-Andre Fleury. That’s gangster—having to ask someone, “Do you know who I am? Oh, you do? No… wait. That’s not me. I’m cool too, though… No, I guess not as cool as who you thought I am. I’ll leave you alone. Please don’t call security.”

That’s super cool, especially when you’re playing in the NHL and should be worshipped everywhere you go. You can’t make these kind of things up, lambs; they’re either true or they ain’t.

Paul Coffey once scored 48 goals in a year, and is now in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He didn’t have to explain to the ladies who he was. No siree. We were too young to remember him clearly, much less see him at a local saloon, but judging from the look he’s sporting in the picture above, we’d guess that Edmonton Girls circa 1980 knew a Paul Coffey when they saw one.

Somewhere in between lies Tom Gilbert. The ladies may mistake him for Shaggy from Scooby Doo on occasion, but they can tell he’s someone they should know. Gilbert may score you ten or fifteen goals per year—in this league that gets you about a $4 millon contract.

Speaking of contracts, maybe its time to sign this guy for a few years so we can see what he is made of in the long run.