We haven’t seen kids perform this well since… Hanson


Three games
OT winners.
Three points Gagner
Three GWG Cogliano
Three smiles for Momma Cogliano

Wow. As our esteemed colleague Robin Brownlee pointed out earlier today, the Oil certainly aren’t mailing it in down the stretch. Up 3–0, tied 3–3. One would think that the Oil would have license to fade quietly into the night but NOOOO. What do they do?

Oh, you know just score an overtime winner with just 4.9 seconds left in the game. Cogliano looked happer than Britney Spears at an open bar as he skated into the tiny but ferocious arms of Sam Gagner. MacT needs to double that fellow’s allowance, following a three-point night that even saw Zack (no jokes are told about him) Stortini.

How can the Oil still be seven points back of a playoff spot? Doesn’t it seem like the rest of the West is falling to dust as the injuries pile up? Except the Sharks of course, who are 10–0 in their past games, and are considering playing sans goalie during powerplays “just to make it interesting.”

You keep these kids going at a good clip, add back Souray, Torres, Horcoff and Moreau and maybe you do have a playoff team after all. Could the 42 per cent of the OilersNation who said injuries are the biggest problem be right? These are the same people who said Mark Messier and Gary Coleman are the hottest hookup in Oilers’ history, so it’s clear we can’t be trusted.

Anyway, we damn near jumped out of our skin when that goal went in. That’s an NHL record for Cogliano for the most consecutive OT games, in what is turning into “The NHL record for setting NHL records and missing the playoffs.”

What a world we live in.