MacT blamed for Oilers’ win


So you’re MacT. You have 11 games left in your big playoff push, as improbable as that idea can be. Your starting goalie has been hot and has started 14 games in a row. You have back-to-back games against conference rivals. What do you do?

Oh, you know—you roll your backup goalie’s 38-year-old bones over the boards in back-to-back games.

On the surface, we wanted to up MacT’s brain medication dosage. Why on earth you would start the same goalie in back-to-back games, especially with the early start on the second game, we will never know. But Roloson makes 38 and 48 saves respectively in both games this weekend and reminds us why groups of drunk pipefitters used to yell “ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLI” on Whyte Avenue, at 3:30am in June of 2006.

We blame you for many things, MacT. Changing the lines continuously, refusing to call up Robbie Schremp, the high price of beer at Oilers games. Well tonight you get the blame for the win, and brother what a win it was.

Random Dans

  • How old is Jeremy Roenick? He’s been in the NHL for 19 seasons—or one year longer than Sam Gagner has lived on the face of the earth. We remember reading a letter Roenick’s Grandma wrote to the Hockey News when he was a rookie, thanking the publication for writing a story on her grandson. Sam Gagner’s grandma on the other hand is 36 years old next Tuesday.
  • How big is this game against Phoenix on Tuesday? Both teams are tied with 77 points, 5 points back of the 8th and final playoff spot. This game is going to be huge. Hasselhoff in Germany huge.

—Listen to Wanye Gretz Wednesday at 11am, as he calls Nix Lice Shampoo Corporation to complain that he’s only “99.6% body lice free” and wants a refund on his shampoo.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I couldn't believe it. I think the Saturday start was to give Garon some rest, but he played so well I expect MacT asked Roloson if he was ready to go again, and the old guy said sure, let me show that punk how I almost won me a Conn Smythe. Roli probably wants to play again tonight, just to show that he can.

    If that was his swan song as an Edmonton Oiler, he's certainly going out on a high note.